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1. What are the performance dates?

Dec 2, 9 @ 7:30pm and Dec 3, 4, 10, 11 @ 3:00pm and 7:00pm for a total of 10 shows

2. When do the tickets become available?

Midnight on Nov 11, only through this website.

3. How much are the tickets?


4. How many can I order?

As many as will be used. We highly recommend a limit of 10 per person, so unused tickets don’t get wasted.

5. Can I get paper tickets?

No - for the sake of ease and simplicity for the large number of people that attend, we have limited our ticketing to online only.

6. What if I don’t have a computer or printer?

We would recommend that you ask a friend for help, that you visit your local public library, or you download the Eventbrite app on your smart phone (if you have a smart phone) where your digital tickets will be available and allow you entrance into our show.

7. How early should I arrive to get good seats?

Historically, our seating capacity is full 15 min before the show begins (seating is “first come, first serve”), and doors open approximately 60 min before show start time.

8. Can I reserve seats?

Yes, but only if you are with a large group part of an organization such as a seniors home, etc. To arrange for group reservations, please call Chris at 604-253-2700.

9. Does a ticket guarantee a seat?

No. Technically, our tickets are invitations to our show. We intentionally “over-sell” each show, knowing that some tickets will be unused and wasted. It is possible to arrive too late to a show and not get in, as our seating is “first come, first serve” only.

10. Can I get in if I don’t have a ticket?


In order to manage the delicate balance of our “first come, first serve” seating, we expire ALL seats 30 min before each show.

There is a line each night for “non-ticket holders”, and at the 30 min mark prior to each show, we let anyone and everyone in, so long as seating is still available.

11. What if the free tickets are “sold out” by the time I visit the website?

We would urge you to choose a show to attend, come early, and stand in the “non-ticket holder” line. Typically, most who stand in this line do get in when all tickets are expired 30 min before each show.

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